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Mariënrode Tripel

Mariënrode Triple

Our smoothest beer is Mariënrode Triple, despite the fact that it has 9.1% alcohol. If you go to any tasting event of our beers you should always start with this beer.

Mariënrode Triple is a blond high fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is brewed with local malt and other locally harvested products.

As soon as you poor this beer in our special Halen glass you smell the fruity aromas coming from the Belgian Abbey Beer yeast. Next there is a floral note, originating from the Belgian hops and touch of local spring flower honey. Finally there is the clear pleasant resounding malty character that balances with the bright acidity combined with natural carbonation that gives the sparkling zest to this beer.

Mariënrode Triple is available in 33CL and 75CL bottlesbelgische hop