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The art of serving Halen

The art of serving Halen Mariënrode Abbey beer

They say,
‘ A unique beer deserves a unique glass ‘.

The glass, in the form of a chalice, was traditionally used by the Cistercian  fathers and sisters.
The glass allows an ideal experience of the beer.  The divine flavours and aromas come the best to their advantage with this glass.
And it’s this glass in the form of a chalice that  allows an ideal division between beer and froth.

Later, the Trappists, a torn order of the Cistercians, start to use the same glass in the form of a chalice to serve their now  so famous Trappist beer

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If you like to taste the three Mariënrode Abbey beers, start always with the Mariënrode Triple.
The triple is the softest of the three Abbey beers.
After the Triple,  you can try the Mariënrode Double turn
And last but not least The Mariënrode Quadruple. A strong black Barley wine