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The Farm

The farm was built in 1669 by abbess Johanna van Tilborch. The family escutcheon of the abbess is still hanging above the gate of the old farm. In 1936, the farm was bought by Theophile Cordonnier (1880 – 1965) together with the agriculture ground and the rest of the abbey. In 1985 was a new farm build opposite of the old farm. All the ground and buildings are still belonging to the children and grandchildren of Theophile Cordonnier.

All the basic products to produce the Halen Mariënrode abbey beers are still produced on the Mariënrode farm. Joseph Cordonnier ( born in 1932) is still in charge of the production of our products. He will be only satisfied when we produce the products of the highest quality. Quality has always been his only objective in the production of food on the farm.